Mommies Deploy, Too!

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! One of the great things about social media is that it gives everyone a voice to offer their support, and comments. We have gotten several notes, posts, etc reminding us that mommies deploy too. We want to be the first to assure all of our customers, and service-mommies, that we would never overlook you! Our company is Daddy’s Deployed, LLC., but on every page possible, we make sure to mention that it isn’t just for daddies.

Daddy’s Deployed, LLC. was started by military wives, but we want to take a minute to talk about how difficult it would be to be a military mommy. As a military wife, I know that my husband will miss a lot. For example, he left when our daughter was two weeks old, again when she was four months old, and then deployed when she was six months old. It’s hard for him to think, let alone talk, about everything that he has missed. First laughs, words, crawls, walks, birthdays…the list goes on and on. Now that we have a child, I think back to working at the Child Development Center and all the mommies that would come in, in uniform, to pick up their children. It didn’t hit me until after the birth of our daughter, how much harder I think that would be. Can you imagine missing everything I mentioned above, but as the mother of the child? I can’t. I want to express my personal gratitude for everything those mommies do, and I know I’m not alone.

If you have a story about a mommy that’s deployed, or want to share a personal story about something you’ve done to make time apart from your spouse easier, please share here. I was recently with a friend whose nine-year-old daughter created a journal while her daddy was on his third deployment. It talked about how she felt throughout the time, what she was nervous about, what she looked forward to, and things she wanted to do with her daddy when he got back. I thought that was a great idea!!

Thank you so much for your support. Here’s to everyone having a happy, healthy, and safe week.


One thought on “Mommies Deploy, Too!

  1. My son is only 18 months old, so he really doesn’t “get” the whole deployment thing. We are lucky in that we get to Skype with Daddy VERY often, at least once a week, so that obviously helps keep the connection strong. But my husband really wanted to make sure Luke didn’t “forget” him, so he taped himself reading Luke’s favorite bedtime books – I think it was 9-10 books! We are able to “read” books with Daddy every night. I’m so glad he did it – and it wasn’t even my idea!

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