Meet Elizabeth!

Hey DD/MD friends and family!

We’re so excited to introduce Elizabeth (Liz) as our newest team member. Heck, she’s so amazing, she wanted to introduce herself to y’all!

From Liz:

My family spent 4.5 years in North Carolina while my husband was a Harrier pilot with VMA-542, and now live in Hawaii, where he continues to fly C-20s for the USMC.  I am a counselor by training, but now enjoy staying home with my 4yr old (Owen) and my 4-month-old (James).  Having experienced 2 deployments, countless days with my husband away for training, and a toddler to care for at the time, I know all too well how these separations can affect a small child.  These books are an invaluable resource for any parent trying to start a dialogue with their kids, not only about the logistics of the deployment, but also about the emotional challenges they will all face together.  I am so excited to be a part of this incredible company, and I look forward to supporting other military families as they navigate what can be very difficult experiences and come out stronger on the other side…because in this crazy military lifestyle, no matter how hard it is to make it through sometimes, there’s nothing more joyful and amazing than a Homecoming.

Please leave some love for Liz below, or shoot her an email and introduce yourself:

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