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We’re deep into this deployment, and I have been struggling to find ways to keep my husband up-to-date on everything that has been going on with the baby. Literally, in the past week she started crawling, standing up, drinking from a sippy cup, and drinking out of a straw. Can you saw developmental growth spurt? ;)

One of my good friends just welcomed home her husband from his third deployment, and with three girls under the age of ten, she always seems to have great ideas on keeping the family experiences intimate, no matter how many miles may separate them. She suggested that I keep a weekly journal, with pictures, so that my husband could catch up on everything with the baby. I love this idea, but I wanted it to be current; I couldn’t figure out how to get the journal to him, and then back to me again, without losing a bunch of time in the middle. I thought about doing an electronic journal, but I wanted it to be tangible. There’s something to be said for holding a picture of your daughter, versus looking at one online, right?

I have a friend who is a representative for Send Out Cards ( and she has sent some really creative, thoughtful cards to us in the past, so it got me thinking….what if I created a picture card “journal” from the baby and sent it to my husband each week. I’m sure that other sites do picture cards as well, so if you already have one your comfortable with that’s great, but SOC is really cheap, and easy.

Each week I find photos of the baby that I haven’t already emailed to my husband and I make a journal, from her point-of-view to be sent to her daddy. It’s so much fun to imagine what she would say, and to put it into text. I know that it will mean so much to my husband when he sees, not only that he has mail, but that it’s “from” his daughter. This week I had an extra side (we do a tri-fold card), and I added a page from our first baby: our dog. I know that will bring a smile to his face, and really, what’s more important than that?

If you have found a cool way to stay in touch while your spouse is/was gone, please post about it here.

6 thoughts on “Keeping in Touch

  1. Thanks Bridget. You are right about the photos on cards to send to daddy. They are small enough to keep, light enough to carry and take up no space at all in his gear. Glad you are happy and able to make him happy too! Babies change so, so fast.

  2. Great idea, Bridget! Skype and texting are really nice ways to communicate in real time, but having some tangible makes a big different. When your husband returns from this deployment, if he’s kept all the cards, they’ll make a neat addition to a photo- or scrap-book. Keep up the good work with DD!

  3. That us awesome! Go Char!! Technology is so awesome! What a great product! Definitely going to look into that. Thanks so much for sharing. We miss you guys and hope you are enjoying the time with your extended family. In your next care package send him a well worn baby item. Nothing beats baby smell. :)

  4. Love ur ideas! When jake was gone and we didn’t have kids it was so hard so I can’t imagine having kids! I sent jake something everyday either a card a package or a postcard and sometimes they wouldn’t get there on time so he would get like 6 things at the end of the week but it really kept us in touch with day to day life. Even if it just said ” I went to the grocery store today, got gas, and took a nap” he loved it. My point here is that any form of communication is meaningful. Love all ur ideas I’m sure your husband feels very loved!

  5. Everyone else’s comments have really covered it all but I had one other thought-what about sending baby toys so that the husband or wife deployed can play with them and maybe do little puppet shows while on Skype?! Obviously this would only apply for younger children. It would be cute to see mommy or daddy holding up one of their toys and playing with them even if its on a computer screen. And I LOVE Jen’s idea of something that would hold a babies smell! I could smell my girls “blankies” all day! Great work Bridget!

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