Deployment Angel Book Sponsorship

Daddy’s Deployed (Personalized Children’s Books) is teaming up with the amazing forces of Powerhouse Planning, LLC to spread holiday cheer to 150 deployed military families…(How awesome is it that we’ve already hit 51 families before I could even send this blast out!?)

From the president of Powerhouse:

So I’m super pumped to be teaming with Daddy’s/Mommy’s Deployed this holiday season to help brighten some military families’ holidays. (Learn more about Daddy’s/Mommy’s Deployed here: I’ve made it my personal goal to get 150 “Daddy’s/Mommy’s Deployed” books donated. Each book (with shipping cost) is around $40. The cost is a little higher than normal books because each book is customized for each family. The kiddos in the book have the same hair, eye color, etc. as in real life…it’s amazing! The mom/dad that is featured as “deployed” also has the physical characteristics of their parent (including military branch specific items).

All that being said…I’m reaching out to families, companies, etc. that are looking to sponsor book(s) to help brighten our military families this holiday season. If you’re interested I can get you the price breakdown on additional books too. For people/companies that order, Daddy’s/Mommy’s Deployed would also love to feature you as a “Deployment Angel” during December.

Please email Bridget ( with your level of interest and we can chat further! Thanks for reading and considering giving back to our troops in this meaningful way!


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