50% off in April!

I want to start this post off by saying that ONE MAN is covering the promotion this month. Pretty awesome right?

One of my friends from high school, who is also responsible for Craig and me meeting, is a Partner at Thrivent Financial (https://www.thrivent.com/). He handles all of our mutual funds and life insurance, but has also provided me with great advice and support since starting DD/MD. Last month we started our big push to partner up with more awesome corporations so that we can provide personalized books at cheaper costs for our military families. I decided to send him a package because (1) they look awesome and (2) I was hoping he’d know someone that would want to help milfams.

The day he received the package he called from Illinois. This is how our conversation went:

Dan: “Hey, I got your package today. It looks great. What do I need to do? Send a check to you?”

Me: “Well, wait, that’s not really how this works.”

Dan: “Okay, if I give (x) amount of money, how many families could we provide books for?”

Since April is the Month of the Military Child we decided it would be great to do a huge promotion. Dan brought up the idea of covering 50% of the costs of 50 books. Really generous right? Within a week contracts had been signed and checks were in the mail.

Here’s the best thing about Dan: besides distant family members, and Craig, he has no direct ties to the military. He’s just someone that realizes what we all go through and wants to help.

He also realizes that veterans make amazing employees and has asked that if anyone knows a great vet looking for a job in the Bloomington/Peoria, Illinois area to email me: Bridget(at)daddysdeployed(dot)com and we will pass along his contact information. I’m (not so secretly) hoping that Craig goes to work for him after his time in the military is up. ;)

So here’s how it works:

Go to www.daddysdeployed.com
Click: “order book”
Enter in all your information
Add the promo code: Thrivent4
(directly underneath the code box you will see a breakdown of your costs/savings in blue text…it’s small, but it’s there!)
Check out
We’ll handle the rest. :)

Once you’ve received your book, email us a picture of your kiddos with their books for our Facebook page and a chance to win one of our new t-shirts!

One thought on “50% off in April!

  1. Thank you so much for your generosity. Because of this discount, Ill be able to get a book for my kids. Their Dad deployed a month ago and it’s been hard for all of them. Thanks again!

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