Our Purpose

Our purpose with this blog is to provide an environment to receive input and support from people you might not otherwise be able to. I feel like one of the phrases I should have as a ring tone is “if they’re not military they don’t get it.” I love all of my friends from home and college, and would take a bullet for all…okay, most…of them, but there are maybe two that have military spouses, or siblings, and get what this chaotic world actually is. I want this blog to be a place where questions can be answered, advice can be given, and maybe, just maybe, we can make new friends.

Our purpose is NOT to one-up each other. We’re all guilty of this, and I use “we” because it would take too much of my pride to admit that I’m referring to myself here! About a month ago, my husband was just transitioning back to days from nights and we made plans to do a sort of date night that Friday night (as much of a date night as you can have with an infant in tow!). So Friday afternoon rolled around and I’m all dressed up, made up, with my hair done. Those of you that have kids know that this is a challenge in and of itself! We were planning on going to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner, then having a few drinks at home after the baby went down. Around 6:30 my husband called to tell me that he had to do a safety flight on a down jet and wouldn’t be home until 9:00pm. I was furious, so I blew it up all over Facebook. Good idea? Not so much. It turns out that no one really cared about MY pity party, because they were all going through similar things themselves! Long story short(ish), I was one-upped by about a dozen friends, stopped feeling sorry for myself, went and picked up Mexican and a chilled bottle of Moscato d’Asti and had a fabulous night with The Real Housewives of New York City after the baby went to bed. The next day my very best friend here said, “I saw your status last night; damn those girls couldn’t let you have a moment huh?” Even through my pounding headache, I know they weren’t intending to one-up me, but I wanted my violin!! So here, if someone posts about a hard time, we will let them have their moment! Deal? If you have a good, embarrassing story like the one I just posted, add it!

Disclaimer: English teacher friends, I do realize that I have about a dozen grammatical errors here. I just can’t bring myself to write: “if someone posts about a hard time, we will let him/her have his/her moment.” Don’t judge me. ;)

Did I miss anything? Add it!

Rules and Regulations

Wow, I can’t believe that we are at the point that I need to write the first blog!

Before we go any further, there are definitely a few things we need to talk about. Being that most of us are military spouses, we know we need to keep things pretty generic and private. We would never want to put ourselves, or our spouses, in any sort of compromising position. There are several things we should never post: names, locations, specifics about our spouses’ jobs/stations/etc, and most importantly, never information about their deployment(s).

We need to keep everyone safe and happy! If you think of something I’ve missed, please add it here! :)